Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Chewigem got back to me really quickly! They let me know that the Berries necklace is actually quite firm, and suggested some softer items I might prefer.

They were super lovely, so now I have a better idea of what will work for me! Thank you nicocoer also, for letting me know I was free to e-mail them! nwn

Yay! I’m glad to hear it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"gifts? I didn’t send you any gifts." DUN DUN DUN!!!

It was the UNSUB!


People in Ferguson Still Need Help!

This website contains a wealth of useful information on ways to help the people in Ferguson, how you can organize and participate locally, and helps to spread the word and keep the message strong. 


andreashettle and others in our corner of tumblr who are deaf or who need captions or a history of needing captions, I have a couple of questions? (I use captions myself to augment for auditory processing reasons but I don’t have the same level of connection to stuff.)

1) does anyone have data on percentage of political adverts that are or aren’t captioned? One of the projects I’m involved with are interested in pushing for this in our state but numbers help a lot. (I’m in pa, but nation wide numbers might help too.)

2) what are the standards or links to standards that you know of for captioning? What are more common preferences? I know what my preferences are but more data would help me!

3) what is up with having to flip through like 10+ different options to find the right caption line for a broadcast? What are the ones that are often empty for? Like legitimately I’m curious but not sure what is going on.

I need to crawl out of bed so that I can shower before my doctor appointment but

I keep pouting at my clock thinking “but I don’t wanna D:”


im going to look Actively autistic when im in college. im gonna flap and bob whenever i damn well please and i will take down anyone who makes snide comments at me, i don’t give a fuck if i make allistics uncomfortable

Monday, August 25, 2014

"Nothing to fear but fear itself right?"

and serial killers, dude. you should probs fear serial killers. Like your therapist.

No Rebecca he’s not gideon!!! He’s a bad guy! Nooooooooooo!

The sun never sets on the British Empire because God doesn’t trust the British in the dark.

My extremely angry history teacher, quoting his extremely angry grandfather. 

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Ice Bucket Challenge, Steve Rogers Style

Throw the Winter Soldier onto yourself, just do it you piece of shit