Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It’s an “oops my hands are thwacking me upside the head” day.

At least these are better than the “slam head back against whatever is behind me even if/especially if it’s hard” days? 

Child with Autism


Hello everyone! I am in need of some assistance.

My life partner has an 8 year old child with autism. They have a hard time telling who their friends are, focusing on school work, keeping their hands to himself, social skills, motor skills, etc. I have been shopping online for items that might help them with chewing and focusing, but other games and toys that might assist them with learning social skills, time management, good hygiene, motor skills etc. are too expensive for me to afford.  

If anyone knows of a reputable place to go for used or discounted autism items for children please let me know. If you are looking or willing to get rid of items please send me a message to my inbox, and maybe we can work something out for payment and shipping.

Thanks for your help, and have a fabulous day!

—The Queer Celluloid Junkie

(I have kept the child’s pronouns gender neutral in this message because they like toys/clothes/etc for all genders.)

So, autistic adults often need these things too…

In any case, a good source for stim toys (they fill sensory needs) is places like a dollar store or even and office clutter store. You might also know of these as “fidgets”.

As for things like time management and the like, stop looking in specialized gear. Instead, check advice boards and pinterests of education professionals who deal with those in an age where it’s typical to work on developing those skills, or who teach special education.

Avoid anything that sounds like dog training or that dehumanizes the child- those ideas sneak in easily, and can have long term detrimental effects on the child’s mental health. 

Some of these will have instructions or ideas for charts, schedules, check lists, etc. Most of them will also be make-able with cheap cheap materials because teachers sadly don’t have a budget to cover what they need, and so sometimes these things are covered out of the teacher’s own pocket. 

Also, if you or your partner has a smart phone or tablet, there are TONS of apps that help develop some of these skills. Just make sure it avoids the dehumanizing or dog training esque stuff. Also, be careful about what sort of social skills are being taught- are they useful? do they respect boundaries of all parties including the child? or are they really just about making the child/adult more convenient for care givers/teachers? Just as important as respecting other people’s “no” is knowing how and when to say “no” themself. 

tl;dr look for things in non-specialized places, because the specialized places often charge more for something you can get or make cheap elsewhere, and don’t forget that technology can help. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Is it possible change from a meltdown to a shutdown due to people disciplining them over a meltdown?

My thoughts?


Too tired to articulate why tho

Help me find!


I remember a while back seeing an etsy shop that sold necklaces using the concept of the “interaction signal badges.”  I want to buy one now but I can’t find the shop. Does anyone know what I am talking about or have a link to it?

There’s some other options too! It’s it’s own little genre!

Unspoken Visuals is run by a friend of mine. (A, I forget your tumblr handle?) Their stuff is mainly buttons you can use as communication tools. I don’t know if any of the sets are specific to the interaction badge system (if not that might be a good set to add), but there might be something relevant to your interests!

Love and Issues Designs is run by my friend and super advo, Neurovidergent K (not sure if you use your name on here or not…). Right now there’s just custom letter bracelets, but they can also be used as a form of AAC. 

I’m sure there’s some other autistic-run stores that might be relevant. Anyone have any leads?

Just ordered both #lovenotfear and Neurodivergent from Aromaleigh!

I am excited! Pretties! 

Now if only they’d do a color for ASAN as well… Is “Acceptance is an Action” too long a name? 

(links: #LoveNotFear and Neurodivergent)

#chronicillnessproblems TMI


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Anyone on Star Trek Online?

It might be nice to have some friends… my account name is nicocoer, and my current toon’s name is Devorah Coer. (Federation; Betazoid)


The ways in which Jones’ identity as a black trans woman and sex workers’ activist inform her arrest can’t be ignored. Much like CeCe McDonald’s arrest was impacted by racism and transmisogyny, Jones’ arrest is impossible to separate from her race, gender, trans status, and public activism around sex work. TransAdvocate points out that trans women are already disproportionate recipients of police scrutiny, and trans status can intersect with racial profiling to make police interactions particularly fraught and dangerous. What research there is on the interactions between trans women of color and police tells us that police intimidation is a constant reality, even without a legitimate basis for arrest. If anything about the situation can be interpreted to relate to sex work, the odds are that much worse. Monica Jones Found Guilty of “Manifesting Prostitution,” Will Be “Rescued” from Sex Work by Incarceration | Autostraddle (via gaywrites)

I feel like there’s a gremlin dancing in my intestines (TMI)

intestinal cramps, gas, nausea, and I swear I keep feeling that sensation I have when I get

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Monday, April 21, 2014


Decided to do this early. Here is the sensory defensive kit! Each item is hand picked. This is a give away for celebrating having over one hundred followers!

Each item of the kit is depicted here. This kit includes gloves and a set of three reusable silicone earplugs. Each kit also includes scented blocks, lip balm and tactile objects. Must be above eighteen to enter or have parental permission as per the tumblr guidelines.

You have until may 20TH! Then I will choose at random. Whoever is chosen will get an inbox message and have 24 hours to respond. If there is no response I will choose at random again.

Reblogs only. No likes. If you would like the defensive kit reblog this post. If you want the seeking kit there will be a separate post for that one.

Good luck.! Edit: this is the defensive kit. I had a copying error. Hopefully this clears it up!

description of photos is that there are the items listed above, as well as images of them in mesh poaches striped various colors.

[Heavy pale femme with glasses stares at the camera, drinking coffee, in close up. It’s a selfie.]
New profile picture!

[Heavy pale femme with glasses stares at the camera, drinking coffee, in close up. It’s a selfie.]

New profile picture!