Saturday, February 22, 2014

Come on internet

I can’t be the only person who was alarmed by the ending of rainman basically being him getting wrapped up and put “back where he belongs”. We even have institutional bias in our media! 

What about that recent episode of Bones that basically framed Hodgins brother with a  serious mental health disability as “belonging” in a private institution. (And it’s still an institution, even if it DOESN’T have lock down.) Like. THERE ARE LESS RESTRICTIVE SETTINGS FOR PEOPLE WITH SERIOUS MH DISABILITIES. I would know, I’ve helped design policy to help protect the rights of people in less restrictive MH settings. Just. NO. (It pissed me off too much to check but I’d bet that NAMI was their resource. I. No.) 

Come on, I don’t want to get into details about these specific instances! I know someone else must have written them, and I want to talk about other ones!

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"Good institutions" rest on the more obviously horrifying ones.

Every old person in an assisted living place knows that people just like them, or just like they will be soon, is in a nursing home. And that failing to please staff makes it far more likely to be sent to a nursing home.


That last sentence - would that apply to things like mental health support? Because I think I’ve had similar implied threats, along the lines of ‘don’t say too much crazy stuff to us or you’ll have to go to a psych ward’

I was thinking more along the lines of people with disabilities sometimes having to put up with abusive staff as the cost of staying free outside an institution. But yes, that too.

People should be able to get mental health support without that kind of threat.

Unfortunately that kind of threat (Do x/don’t do why or we’ll have to “help” you go to the psych ward) is SUPER common in MH treatment to the extent that some parent/family support orgs I won’t name actually promote that approach to get the individuals with the MH disabilities to do what the family/parent/friend wants. It’s used so often, rec’d so much, that people miss out that it’s not ok to do, that it’s manipulative and trust busting at best and at worst fantastically abusive.

Even I’ve been subject to coercive treatment- including inpatient psych stays that are “voluntary” on the record- because of people who were supporting me being encouraged to use the specter of involuntary inpatient or even, at some points, institutionalization. Some of these people were great allies and supporters in every other way, but because it’s such a broad rec in dealing with “non-compliant” people didn’t connect between it and it being a horrible violation of self determination. 

To this day, I don’t talk to people much about suicidal ideations while they are actually happening because of this sort of threat. Even though I don’t have actionable ideations very often (and a safety plan when I do) I can’t feel safe mentioning them to people. I struggle to mention the idle ideations (no chance of acting upon them) as they are happening even to my best friend, someone I’d trust with my life, because the terror has been ground into me.

So I don’t really talk about them much while they are happening. When I try to, I panic and wait to finish until they are less there. I can’t feel safe getting the support to work through them because of both the past and a culture that reiterates that the outsider knows better than I do, and that any thought like these are a signal to lock me up against my will or coercively “for my own good.”  

ED mention: (I can tell my therapist about ideations of cutting the fat off my body myself because dysmorphia is horrible, but I can’t mention passing idle thoughts about suicide to her without it becoming a thing. that’s how bad it gets.)

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Reading the book, I now have a slightly different view of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. AKA, I’m now disappointed that they didn’t include that the admin and people in charge of the guardianship people legit believed that she’s intellectually disabled in addition to her being autistic and a bit MH disabled side. They just played up her MH stuff in the movie. So some of the crap that happened to her because of that system? was done in part because of those characters perceptions of her as intellectually disabled and thus of her as a perfect victim. Just. I would have got around to reading this book a lot sooner if I had realized how much it would resonate with me not just on a woman-y level but on a disability level. yeah there’s some bullshit here and there but. Damn. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

UCP Central PA Part Time Employment Announcement

September 20, 2011

UCP has a part time position open in the Family Support Service department in Camp Hill, PA.


Family Support & Community Mapper


  1. Provide informational and emotional support for families.
  2. Identify resources that exist for families of young children in Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry Counties.


The position requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Ideal candidates possess excellent oral communication skills, outstanding organizational skills, attention to detail, proficient computer use including Microsoft Office and the Internet, and experience with data entry. Family members of children with disabilities are preferred.


Part-time 25 hours/week

Qualified candidates should submit their resume to Roxanne Daniel – email: , US mail: UCP Central PA, 44 South 38th Street Camp Hill, PA 17011, or fax: 717-975-0839.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PENNSYLVANIA PEOPLES (and friends)!!! I have a big issue

I have a big issue I’m going to be talking about here in the next couple of days, and I would really like for you guys to support and spread word. It has to do with Mental Health Services and Dis rights and classism. 

So, yeah, I will really really want your support/reblogs/blogs/general awareness spreading here soon. 

<3 <3 <3

Friday, March 4, 2011

I feel really uncomfortable about the Charlie Sheen thing. New information is one thing. I can deal with that, he’s a public figure. But the same clips are hashed and rehashed and now I really feel like his MH issues are being used as entertainment. 

In the 1800s one of the income streams that Mental Asylums had (even off books) was that Gentle Folk would pay a little bit and go and watch the inmates. This was done much like going to the zoo to watch the monkeys. 

We sadly haven’t changed much. But now, with an increase in community based treatment and less of a hush hush of the rich, we merely need to turn on the TV. We sit at home to dehumanize, instead of traveling to the countryside where the sounds of “other” are insulated by miles.

Learning about a situation is one thing. Dwelling on it, rehashing every last clip a thousand times as proof of how “other” he is is another entirely. 

Should he be held accountable for those he harms? Yeah, sure, but voyeurism on our parts does nothing towards that aim. 

/someone who had to watch 20/20 again tonight because that’s what the grandmas wanted to watch since nothing else seemed to be on.

Thursday, January 13, 2011