Tuesday, September 27, 2011


the time is now. alternative media.

(via http://www.hermanaresist.com/2011/09/21/preventing-metamorphosis/)

submit to Zine anthology titled: dismantle: preventing metamorphosis on the lives of our Latino/Chicano, Black & Indigenous  brothers in the prison industrial complex

as well as from the perspective of being the mother/sister of hermanos in the prison complex

and navigating mamihood

with the reality that  high incarceration rates target our

babies and boys and brothers and sons and nenes

“disadvantaged” youth and raza

for being poor and brown-and that our young boys & chicanos have a 1 in 6 chance of going to prison in their  lifetime.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


also, this is probably as good a time as any to start talking about:


So, my idea is for this zine thing called Bad in Bed that explores the similarities/connections between sexual needs and access needs. Or writes about sex as a series of access needs.

Basically I’ve always been really interested in writing/talking about what different people want or need sexually or what sex is to them. Being gay is probably the most acknowledged different sexual need, but there are various other things that isolate, constrict, and/or stigmatize people sexually, like being graysexual or asexual, being stone, being into power exchange, having fetishes…basically anything where sex means something different to you, or you need something different, or you don’t want to or can’t do something that is seen by other people as being part of sex.

(It probably seems weird that I am talking about asexual people as people who have different sexual needs instead of none, but it is really a failure of language in my part that I am using the word sex, because what I mean to talk about is a particular kind of connection that I can’t name or define. There are definitely situations where one person doesn’t want to “have sex” but their lack of interest in doing that leads to losing something that they actually do want which seems to be tied up in “having sex.”)

Anyway, even though I think that these differences between people and their needs are super interesting, I often feel like it’s not really seen that way because there is Real Sex and then there’s the rest of us and maybe what we need (or don’t need) is just a problem. I think it’s really similar to the reasons disability exists, because individual needs become invisible unless they are unusual—no one actually needs anything except one person, who has a “fetish,” is probably reacting to a traumatic experience (therefore isn’t real?), and so on.

Don’t know if this is a very good explanation, but Bad in Bed would be an interview zine which would obviously be anonymous, and would basically be about people talking about what they need sex/closeness to be, times when there has been a mismatch between what they needed and what someone else needed or wanted them to need, and/or how this relates to disability if they are disabled. Signal boost if you think this sounds interesting or if you are interested yourself, email me (awf.vivian at gmail).

Sunday, August 21, 2011 Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NYLN Zine-ness?

NYLN Zine needs more submissions. Theme this edition is disability culture.. Preference for writers under 30. Any disabilities are accepted.

We’d reeeeeeally like some stuff on Xmen or HP and disability since we are getting new iterations of those this summer.

I would personally love to see something on Doctor Who and Disability submitted?

But deadline is next week for this edition. If you have a blog post that would be good, you can submit that too- we don’t mind if you’ve published it already so long as we can get permissions to post it.

To submit your work, get ideas, or have questions answered, contact the NYLN Zine Co-Chairs: Sara Moussavian (Written Work), saramoussavian2011@gmail.com or Emily Holmes (Media/Art Work) Cinderella_em1@juno.com.  Submissions due by June 8th.

If you want to Write something and can’t have it done by next week, it comes out every other month and we can try to place it in another issue later this year.

Feel free to share.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Submit Your Work to Be Published in the 2011 Disability Culture Zine!

Are you a writer or an artist?

Do you want to express your feelings about disability culture, pride, identity, ableism, and more?

Do you want to have your work seen by hundreds of people?

If you answered YES to the above questions, consider making a submission to the FIRST EVER NYLN Zine Publication.

The NYLN disability culture zine is a 100% youth-made printable online publication. We welcome any length piece of writing (poems! interviews! essays! blog posts!) or type of printable artwork (paintings! illustrations! digital art!) by any people with disabilities between the ages of 14 – 28 years old. Writing must be at 8th grade level (or as close to it as possible).

Deadline to submit is: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 so send in your contribution today!

To submit your work, get ideas, or have questions answered, Contact the NYLN Zine Co-Chairs:

Sara Moussavian (Written Work), saramoussavian2011@gmail.com or
Emily Holmes (Media/Art Work) Cinderella_em1@juno.com